Poverty Eradication and Environment Preservation Nepal ,  is a non political, not-for-profit making organization established by young professionals committed and devoted to the community development through community empowerment by clean drinking water sanitation and health care, irrigation, social mobilization, governance promotion and interventions of required socio-economic technical programs. It has its head office at Gopalpur 2 Jamuniya ,Dhanusha whereas coordination office of PEEPN is located at PirariyaMaaiThaan, in Janakpur Municipality-19, Dhanusha. The organization fulfils all the legal criteria for its legal existence in Nepal.


It has been working legally for almost 14 years in the community development.  In most of the activities the organization has been centered in the promotion of clean drinking water and education promotion.

Poverty Eradication and Environment Preservation Nepal is non-profit making natured, one and only one national level NGO, has been founded in 2063 B.S. with the view of establishing a society with all-round national development and equal justice and progress based society and institutionalizing the campaign of empowered and sustainable social development with the slogan of preserving of nature, culture, environment and establishing a society with no gender, religious and linguistic biasness.

PEEPN is a free humanitarian NGO, which was legally registered in Dhanusha CDO in 2064 BS Baisakh 1. The main purpose of this NGO is to  help the community to be independent working in the field of education, Health, Natural disaster, Drinking water, Health Education, Sanitation, Conflict Transformation, Human rights, physical construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, poverty alleviation, economic development, girl trafficking, trafficking of banned drugs, child development, people with disabilities, empowerment of widow, NGO management etc.

Hundreds thousands underprivileged group of people from Dhanusha, Mahottary, Siraha have been benefited since 2063 B.S., with the programs like Drinking water, Health Education and sanitation, Child development Centre, Non-formal education, Women Education, Natural disaster, income generating program, public agriculture forest, private agriculture forest, agriculture irrigation etc.  PEEPN launches its program aiming at children. Children rights reflect the community development of existing community. All-round development of the community is the situation where all children can have opportunity to have balance diet, health protection, entertainment and opportunity to have physical and mental growth. PEEPN has been launching different programs with slogan, “All-round development of community is the development of nation”.


Aims & objectives of organization:

·         To conduct awareness program including clean drinking water sanitation, healthcare, irrigation, small  infrastructure development and gender sensitization


·         To create just society through self-awareness and people organization: To make the local people aware to be reformer of society and help them to participate in social and economic activities for sustainable development of society and to create just structure of social environment.


·         To have social and economic development for sustainability: To bring local men and women in mainstream of people movement for implementation of the work of different donor agencies. To have partnership with donor agency to alleviate poverty and to get help from donor agency technically and financially to implement the developmental activities.


·         To have partnership with international donor agencies which are working in education, Health, drinking water, sanitation, forest, animal development, environment, physical construction, disaster, child trafficking, agriculture, games and sports, non-formal education of children, income generation, HIV/AIDS, banned drugs, safe child birth, population health and capacity building and women empowerment for upliftment in life style of Nepali people.


·         Ensure active participation of youth in policy formulation, implementation and development activities.


·         Serve as a consulting and advisory body to the government agencies and relevant stakeholders regarding youth issues local level and provincial level.



Vision:PEEPN’s long term vision is free poverty, violence and prosper community.


Mission:The mission of the organization is promoting and empowering community through giving priority to mobilize local resources in community participation.

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